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Crappie Fishing is enjoying huge popularity nowadays. It is easy to understand why since the fish is so easy to catch and will bring in hours of fun for every fisherman out there. When all is serious we usually refer to competitions.


If you think that you want to participate in crappie fishing tournaments the first step is finding one to attend. Even if participating in tournaments is something that you do, we do believe that there might be a lot others that you are not aware of. Let us analyze the easy ways to find crappie fishing tournaments.



The number one location for finding good crappie fishing tournaments, of course, is specialized magazines. Such events will advertise heavily in the best fishing magazines in the country or even the world. If you have a subscription to one of them then you might find many tournaments that you did not even know about in the past. The problem is that in some cases you will miss tournaments because you might have a subscription where the event was not advertised.


In this particular case the Internet is the best possible solution. You can be sure that information about all crappie fishing tournaments is available online. You can always just simply aim towards doing one Google search. Look for tournaments that are held in the time frame where you could attend. You will probably even find the tournament’s official web site and find out everything that you might be interested in.



In the event that more information is required you can easily look for an email address and/or phone number to contact. You should also know that the first people that actually learn about fishing tournaments that are to be held months away are people that participate in various forums dedicated to fishermen. Free info is offered by people, thus allowing others to learn about some events that they did not know about. You can easily learn all about these tournaments in advance even seasons before they will take place.


Crappie fishing tournaments stand out as a delight for participants. You can easily find some to attend because there are so many such events held all around the year. Fishermen can simply go through tournaments held at night, during the day, during winter or summer and we even see many crappie ice fishing tournaments. Every participant will have much fun and end up making new friends that share his passions.


2014 Crappie Anglers of Texas Tournament Schedule 

You must be a member of C.A.T. to participate in Tournaments
Membership Fees:  $25.00 yearly
Tournament Fees:  Division 1 – $100 per team, Division 2 – $50 per Team
$5 additional fee for Internet transactions

Jan 18 – Cypress Springs / Bob Sandlin


Feb 15 – Lake Livingston


March 15 – Lake Fork


April 19 – Lake O’ the Pines


May 17 – Lake Fork (“Crappie Fest”)


June 21 – Lake Ray Roberts


July 19 – Lake Tawakoni


Sept 19 & 20 – TSCC (Location to be determined)


Oct 18 – Cedar Creek (Junior Angler Tournament)


For more information please visit: Crappie Anglers of Texas



 2014 Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters Tournament Schedule–Texas.  Check local Bass Pro Shop for full details.

TOURNAMENT LAKE Nearest Bass Pro Date Type Late Fee Applies After Late Registration & Meeting Fee
Lake Fork Emory, TX. Garland, TX March 15 One Pole Ultimate Challenge March 1 March 14



2014 Crappie Bucks Tournament Schedule


January 25th – Lake Palestine
Late Registration and Weigh In at Lake Palestine Resort


February 22nd – Lake Tawakoni
Late Registration and Weigh In at Holiday Marina


March 22nd – Lake Fork
Late Registration and Weigh In at Minnow Bucket


April 26th – Lake Palestine
Late Registration and Weigh In at Lake Palestine Resort


June 14th – Lake Fork
Late Registration and Weigh In at Minnow Bucket




October 11th & 12th
Lake Fork
Late Registration and Weigh In at Minnow Bucket

For more information please visit: CrappieBucks.com



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