Best Crappie Trolling Rods and Reels

Crappie rods and reels

Crappie rods and reels can range from the very cheap cane

crappie rods and reels

Crappie Hunter Rods And Reels

pole without a reel to the very expensive custom crappie rods and reels. The truth is you can have fun, regardless of how much or how little you spend on a rod and reel or a cane pole. Here are some videos that demonstrate this principle.

This first one is about the best crappie trolling rods, tackle setup that can be used for fishing for this fish.


The next video is a short clip which discusses crappie rods and reels when you are on a budget.



This next video is named “Crappie Equipment Part: I” and demonstrates what it calls the “perfect spinning rod for catching crappie”.



The final video, Crappie Fishing Setup, demonstrates a selection of crappie rods and reels that all cost under $40.00. The aim is to show expensive equipment is not necessary to catch this delicious fish.



You can target crappie in ponds, rivers and lakes. It is best to use a light weight rod and reel when fishing for crappie. You can use a spinning reel, an open faced reel or a bait caster reel but it should be light weight, capable of handling 4 pound, six pound and eight test pound line. Some fish with heavier line but the lighter line makes it easier to feel the light bite of this fish.

 Selection Of Crappie Rods And Reels

The rod you select should be balanced for the reel you select. Rods will indicate on the rod body the type of reel for which the rod is designed. A spinning reel/rod combo is a good selection for children who are just learning how to fish.. A 5″-6″ lightweight’ lightweight rod is long enough for a child to start learning to fish..


So you can see it is important to know how to select and purchase your fishing rod. If is important that a rod offers a firm and strong grip so check this before you buy. The length of the rod is also an important consideration.


Choose shorter rods if fishing in bushy areas is your intention. Shorter rods are also easier to handle when you are fishing straight down from the sides of an boat, a dock or an embankment.


Rods of 7 feet and more are often used by crappie anglers. Regardless of size selected, the fishing rods should be flexible enough to be used conveniently and detect the bite of the fish.


As you can see there is a large variation in the crappie rods and reels that are used to catch this fish.  Just remember you can have fun, regardless on which ones you select and how much or how little you spend on this equipment.

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