Best Crappie Rod

best crappie rod

Best Crappie Rod

Often when fishing for crappie having the best crappie rod for your fishing conditions can change what would have been a good day of fishing into an excellent day of fishing. Perhaps I ought to state, the best crappie rod for the sort of structure you are fishing. As an example, the suitable rod to utilize for dock firing using jigs is different from say a rod made to use for trolling. This short article will provide the characteristics I believe is the best crappie rod that is made to use for casting jigs.

 This video discusses some of the characteristics of the best crappie rod.

Most of my rods are 6’6″ or 7′. I’m just under six foot so these dimensions for rods appears to be a perfect fit for me. Typically, the longer the rod, the further you can cast with it. It is often also easier to reach distant fishing holes with the longer rod.

Shorter rods are often used to fish from boats or other situations with limited space and you drop the line straight down rather than casting it.  However many crappie anglers insist on using even longer rods when fishing from boats however shorter rods are better when you are jigging straight down from the boat.

When it comes to rod material, I pick graphite. Typically IM6 or greater. The majority of my rods are IM7 or IM8. The graphite permits you to really feel the fish strikes when they are making a very light bite. While the content of the crappie rod makes a difference, rod action is also important.

Rod activity is normally detailed as slow, medium, fast and extra fast. A “extra fast” rod is very stiff so it is really immune to bending. It usually will break before it bends. At the various other end of the range is the “slow” rod which will bend with little effort. It can be considered quite “whippy” in use. For many years I made use of the “extra fast” rods because I felt that I achieved the most effective sense of feel with them. I still believe that I obtain the finest sensitivity using them.

Nonetheless, after losing way too many crappie because the jig tore loose from their mouths, I’ve changed over to utilizing a “medium” activity rod to fish for crappie. This tip is limber enough that I can still feel the lightest strikes and I don’t loose near as many fish after hooking them. Now the rod tip works as a cushion and the crappie can’t rip the jigs out as they fight being reeled in. So in this case the best crappie rod for me is the “medium” from the “extra fast” I preferred in the past.

The last point is to ensure any rod you select is capable of casting light weigh lures and bait. Often you must fish 1/32 oz or 1/16 oz jigs or the ultra small lures to entice a strike. Do not buy a rod that is developed to handle 1/2 ounce or bigger jigs. A minor point is that the best crappie rod utilizes ceramic material for the rod eyes if you intend utilizing any one of the super lines. Believe it or not, these lines can wear through the eyes on rods if the eyes are made of metal!

These are a few of the points that I’ve discovered that have made a huge difference in raising the number of crappie I have caught. I’m positive you will catch even more crappie by selecting a crappie rod that follows these guide lines. Having the best crappie rod is only one factor in capturing crappie but it is an important factor.

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