Crappie Fishing Rods: Different Types

Selection Of Crappie Fishing Rods

Crappie Fishing Rods are the guts of your tackle. There’s a limited-less variety of fishing rods to choose from however there are ways in which to narrow down the choice while not having that overwhelming feeling of where do I begin? Having the proper rods for your vogue of fishing will be certain to extend the success of your outings. The frequency in which you fish, what species of fish you’re fishing for and the surroundings you are fishing in, all play vital roles in selecting the proper rods.

crappie fishing rods

crappie fishing rods

The crappie fishing rods are designed more limber to help you feel the action. You can barely feel the crappie when they take the bait and this makes it hard to know when you have an actual bite and when the water is moving the bait around. When you use a rod designed for crappie fishing it will be easier to tell the difference and you can catch more crappie.

Crappie fishing rods comes in three different styles. There are the bait casting rods, which is generally used with one hand and has the reel sitting on top of the rod. There are the two types of spin casting rods which are usually used with two hands and have the reel under the rod. Then there is the simple cane pole, which is still very populare with many crappie fishermen.

Each fisherman will have a personal opinion as to the best equipment to use when fishing for crappie, and as to be expected, these opinions will often vary widely . However, when discussing rods and reels, you may find that many expert anglers agree on the best rods and reels to use . However the only way to find the best combination of rod and reel for you to use when fishing for crappie is to try them yourself. Fortunately you can do this at many stores that sell fishing equipment.

Crappie rods are created in varying lengths and your choice is based on your personal preference. However, most agree that crappie fishing rods should be light in weight since crappie fishing requires motion of the tip of the rod from time to time so as to attract fish towards the bait. In time the weight will feel heavy and may become tiring ton your arms and make it detrimental to the fun of fishing. Also, a light crappie fishing rod is sure to be sufficient to catch crappie, which are not large fish. The most important factor you must ensure when you select your rod is your comfort and ease.

Crappie Fishing is such a popular that crappie fishing rods are available in cheap plastic versions for kids. You don’t have to break the bank, quality rod and reel combo for anywhere from $15 to $35 for adults and kids.

Or you can spend more for a graphite rod. Graphite crappie fishing rods price range from the $30 to 100s of dollars. Because of there flexibility, graphite rods are excellent for crappie fishing. Graphite rod tips are ultra sensitive and excellent to feel even a very light crappie bite. These rods are extremely flexible, but strong enough to pull a big crappie out of the brush. When jigging for crappie, they also are perfect for the need wrist action. You can pick up a crappie fishing poles in almost any store.

As you’ll see, there are quite a few factors concerned in selecting the correct Crappie Fishing Rods. The kind of reel you like using, the material the fishing rods are created of, the handle and the action all come into consideration when choosing your set of perfect crappie fishing rods.

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