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Title: Windy yesterday
Post by: Bush Hog on November 02, 2017, 09:07:47 PM
Wow, it doesn't take much wind on this lake to make it white cap.  Didn't get on the water till late morning and the wind had already kicked up.  Couldn't get a bite at my usual stops and too rough under the RR bridge so I hit some old laydowns that were kind of sheltered.  23 fow and the fish were right on the bottom.  Even with stepping up to a 1/8 oz jig I couldn't feel most of the bites....they were just on there when I moved the pole.  It was catch and release day so I released 23 fish back to the lake.
Title: Re: Windy yesterday
Post by: Ed on November 02, 2017, 10:04:00 PM
We fished our slip for two hours yesterday.  The bite was very slow.  They were laying right next to the bottom of the lake and the bite was lite.

They would not hit a jig.  Or at least they would not hit the jig I was fishing.  I tried several different ones, with the same results.  If they hit the jig I couldn't feel it.

The wife caught a few on minnows and the aide caught a few on minnows. We caught 14 in the two hour period we were fishing.

So you did good if you caught 23 keepers.   Or 23 crappie, if all of the 23 were not keepers.

added:  Should have said that today was much better.  We fished for two hours again and caught over three dozen when I quit counting.  All of them were between 9" and 10" but none were keepers.  And I caught 6 using Slabbed Silly's bluegill jigs.  I was using the 1/32 oz and the 1/64 oz jigs.

But no bluegill.  I'm starting to wonder if there are any bream in that area.

I would have caught more but most of my time is spent helping the wife fish.
Title: Re: Windy yesterday
Post by: Bush Hog on November 03, 2017, 07:50:58 AM
No, that was total fish for the day. I'd say half were keepers.  It's odd how these fish were on the same pattern as the ones you were catching hundreds of miles away.  Wonder if it was the moon phase or barometric pressure or some other weird science?
I catch quite a few crappie on a 1/32 oz. jig.  I like to use it dock shooting when the fish are being finicky.  I think the slower fall triggers the bite sometimes.
Hoping you and the wife fill the cooler on your next trip to the slip.
Title: Re: Windy yesterday
Post by: Ed on November 04, 2017, 08:09:10 PM
Filling the cooler doesn't matter that much to us anymore.  We are more concerned with quantity than quality.  I would prefer to catch 100 dinks vs catching 10 trophy crappie.

I saw a crappie swimming in my slip a couple of days ago that I would have loved to catch and brag about.  It was the biggest crappie I have ever seen.

I first thought it was a large bass when I saw it swimming toward me.  Then it turned on it's side and I could see it was a huge crappie.  Think I would have used a throw net about then just to get a picture if I still had a throw net.  And could still throw one.
Title: Re: Windy yesterday
Post by: SK on November 06, 2017, 03:35:56 PM
 Y'all all done some NICE catchn...