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Release of Water Tonight

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will flood the Brazos River.  Authorities want everybody out of Brazos River Area by 8:00 P.M tonight.

It's hard to believe that the docks and marinas on this lake were high and dry just a few weeks ago.

I must be missing something since it is not even in flood stage when I looked today it was not even at pool elevation. Why would they let water out if this is true? They have not let water out of other lakes that are way above pool and some in flood stage but won't release water because of downstream flooding. Maybe waterdata website has this one lake wrong cause all other lakes listed seem fairly accurate?

Wish I knew the answer myself.

I was looking at a good site for Texas lakes today but can't find it now.  Part of the problem of getting old.  :(

The only thing I can think is that they take population density into the equation when they determine what lakes to release.

Arlington Lake had enough water released over the last day or so to bring it back to normal levels.  Yet Joe Pool continues to increase to the point where it is just over a foot below flood pool.

If it's anything like my home lake silt has more than likely affected the accuracy of the gauging system....
Good to hear they are gonna let some wada out but bad for the folks down stream....
On your way back ta fishn EZ.....

EZ needs Joe Pool to open the gates so he and the Mrs can get back on the slip!


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