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Tommy Ezell:
Oh man I'm so excited. I ordered a new bow adjustable mount for my bow electronics last week and it's ready. Excited is an understatement!

Hey that looks good....
I've wanted to look into getting something like that but as I'm running across the lake when it's a bit tough I often watch my 798 up front mounted on the front deck taking a beating & wonder if a stand like that would work....
If you would keep us updated with your feelings about it.....

Jig Man:
yep, up-dates r needed...  fer sure like made in America.

Tommy Ezell:
I'll post a video in the near future.

Tommy Ezell:
Well it is on. You can kind of see it in this pic. It worked so well I got distracted. I'll get a video or pics next time. Loving this mount!


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