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The last few weeks I have had to remove one or more accounts every day for people who sign up to be a member, place ads in their profile and then leave without reading any of the posts or making a post.

I will allow active members to advertise their sites in their profile.  By active I mean the member either spends time reading the various posts or makes posts in the various forums.

I will not allow anybody to join as a member, add their site to the profile, and then leave without posting or reading the posts of members.

So if you want to advertise your site in your profile spend some time on the site.  If you don't want to post at this time then just read the posts until you feel comfortable posting yourself.

But don't waste your time signing up as a member to just add your website to your profile as I consider that to be a form of spamming.  I check each new member and when I see a website listed in a new member profile when the member did not spend any time on the site I delete the sign up.  :Rant

Jig Man:
Hey Ed, thank you for all your hard work keeping this forum a cool place to hang out... :cheers


--- Quote from: Jig Man on October 07, 2015, 07:11:26 PM ---Hey Ed, thank you for all your hard work keeping this forum a cool place to hang out... :cheers

--- End quote ---

+1! UDAMAN Ed!

captain happy:
Thanks for all you do Ed!

Seems as they would be willing to spend some time on the board if they want to advertise their site with it.  Glad you take a hard line toward them.  Now if I could find a way to take a hard line against those spammers who are now calling my cell phone several times a day.  :(


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