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Hubbard 10/29

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Tommy Ezell:
Oct 29th

Well the weather was to nice not to give it a try after work. Two things I dislike fishing through are full moon phases and no wind. The day bite slows dramatically when the nights are bright do to feeding patterns and I rely on the wind to keep my boat straight. It's very difficult to stay on a spot with no wind.

The bite was slow. Fish were scattered as always during this moon cycle. I found some in 12 - 17' of water holding timber near ledges. I never found a consistent pattern nor a favorite color but the BoneHead Palestine did preform best.

I wound up looking for new cover and found some amazing spots I'd passed right by a thousand times. Hubbard is a great lake to dial in electronics.

Tight lines!

Hey move your finger.....LOL
Nice shots both with the electronics & of tha feesh caught....Nice....

well one thing for certain Tommy ...if them crappie wont eat a jig ...
I am betting that ole bridge will ......

Are my tired old eyes fooling me?   Did they actually sink a whole bridge in that Lake?

That is a sweet graph shot!  Nice haul too!


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