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There's still time!


If you ever wanted to fish Lake Palestine but you were unsure of your chances on a NEW lake, right now is a GREAT time to book a trip with Jason Burton. He has a reduced rate for half day trips right now and can fish mornings on Thursday & Friday and most any afternoon. He also will sell you a Gift Certificate at the reduced rate and you can use it anytime in the 12 months following the purchase. If you want to see what Jason can do for you on an afternoon trip, check out the Lake Palestine section for the Feast or Famine post! You can reach Jason through his web site. There is a link to it at the bottom of my signature. He's a great guy to fish with!

Hello Pepop,

Will you be open on Sat 21st, we were thinking of stopping by before we go out with Jason that afternoon.

Otis One

yawl on em oer there Pepop ?


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