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Lake Fork 11/14/15

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Tommy Ezell:
Joined the crew from the Texas Fishing Forum for the 2015 get together. Great company, good food and fishing always makes for a great day.

We did fish a tourney from 7am to 11am on Lake Fork. I picked up a fellow BoneHead Tackle Pro Staff member Jason Ewton as my partner, Richard James had previous commitments.

Neither Jason or I had been on Fork in some time and it took us a good hour to find the fish. 25 to 30' of water produced the best bite off cover 22' down.

Fish were hammering the 3" Blue grass Slim Sticks to the point we had to dang near do surgery on them to get the baits dislodged from their throat.

All in all it was a fantastic morning. We were blessed with a 12.16# seven fish stringer to win the one pole jig only tournament.

Thanks for fishing with me today Jason. Yee Yee!

A big thanks to my friend and boss Josh Spain at BoneHead Tackle for the killer baits you produce for the anglers.

Wow 12.16lbs? That's a heckofva singer of crappie for sure....
Now the question is was that the winning weight?
Either way WTG....

Great way to spend a cloudy overcast day! 

Jig Man:
Glad ya'll had a successful GTG, and congrats on the win...


Tommy Ezell:


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