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Ray Hubbard 12/3/15

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Tommy Ezell:
Ray Hubbard Report

Well with all the flooding it's been some time since I've hit a local lake. I needed to run my rig to make sure everything was up to par for this weekends tournament so I took this opportunity to get a report. Lavon is closed due to flooding so Ray Hubbard it was.

Got on the water at 10:30am and the fish were still not consolidated on cover. I scanned for some time trying to find a good pattern. It looked as though the crappie were pushing bait in 30 to 40' of water till noon. Once the sun was fully overhead the fish started to head for cover.

I stayed focused on the depth the bait seemed to be, fishing timber in 30' of water. Vertical jigging a BoneHead Tackle  3" Slim Stick in blue grass or salt n pepper attracted a furious thump. Jig kept still worked best.

Fished 2 hours and kept 11 nice fish then I had to pick my boys up from school. Hope this helps as this weekend looks to be beautiful weather for catching.

Lookin good!!! if ya need a crappie snatchin backseater this weekend let me know!! Or I may take the ole yak out to a creek!! Not sure yet!!!

Jig Man:
Some good uns in the mix.. And a dang good report!

Nicely done TE, looks like you're ready for tha tourney....

 :NiceThread    good report.   Thank you


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