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12/7/15 Report


Tommy Ezell:
Ray Hubbard Report

The gates are open on Lake Lavon due to flooding which is flowing into Hubbard. EF Trinity is flowing very fast. I suspect the gates are open below Ray Hubbard as well. There is also a high pressure front sitting on us but I had to try.

Scanned 15 to 25' for quite some time never seeing them piled up. Moved out to 35 to 45' and there they were. Fished many baits as I wanted to try something different. Caught a couple here and there then I went to my favorite bait right now.

Once I put on the 3" Blue grass Slim stick the rod went bendo. First fish on this bait went over 2#.

You can get the baits I'm using for my home lakes at

nice report there  :clap

Good color combo on that jig too....
I've been spoiled by using hand tied jigs, ain't never gotta worry bout my skirt being pulled down...

Jig Man:
nice report there


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