HMK check it out took your advice dudding

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Got me one of those $8 blender and went to town.

The 1st one is burlap. But I use wool, yard,& craft fur going to start putting out the files.

Jig Man:
Looks like lots of dubbin in your future...

Hey that looks awesome, buddy.  :clap

I've been off the grid lately. I haven't been feeling all that good, plus I'm having some visual problems. I saw my eye doctor and a cardiologist today.

I found out today that it looks like I'm going to need surgery to fix my eyes. A couple of months ago I noticed whenever I would start reading the forums, after a few minutes, I would start to see "Ghosting" of letters. Whenever I would stop reading, they would clear up after a few minutes. It's got to the point where it's like double and triple vision.

Went to the eye Dr. today. He seems to think I have cataracts that are causing this. I'm having surgery next month. No one has ever mentioned Cataracts to me till today, I've been seeing the eye doctor for 20 years due to glaucoma, so when he said cataracts, it through me for a loop.

The good news is I don't appear to have any heart issues, but my blood pressure is out of whack. It's been wonky since before Christmas. Somedays normal and somedays it high. They've been "tweeting" my meds, so hopefully I'll get to feeling better soon.

Hope everything go well buddy! We will hold it down till you get back good luck and will say a prayer for you!


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