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New ride!!

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Its a Feel Free Lure 11.5 and it is very nice!!

comfortable seat!

adjustable seat from low to high!

This is a sonar pod that makes electronics easier to manage! It is removable so your transducer battery and unit are all one piece!!

Good size front hatch

there ya have it!!

Jig Man:
Supposed to be in the 70's Saturday...
Bet I know where you are gonna be...
Congrats brother, thats a nice ride...


Ooohhhh yeah that's sssaaaawweeeeeetttt......

 :Thumbsup :fish :Thumbsup

One thing I did for get was a BIG shout-out to Mariner-Sails!! A good group of folks doin business the right way!! Extremely helpful!!

That is very nice! 


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