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Well Yak

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Aight y'all I think I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on me a yak....
Looking hard at the Pelican Catch 120.....

Jig Man:
Bean wanting one myself... My back just won't take it.

Just watches a video review of that yak and it looks like a good one.


Dr Erk:
If any of the kayak dealers up there offer demos, I'd recommend you go paddle a few before you make your decision. I've heard good things about that pelican model, but I'd try to get on a few of different widths and lengths to make sure that's the kind of kayak you want.

Yeah I'd like to do some test paddles but I don't think pelican offers any....
ACK is putting a demo day together soon in Houston but I have a tourney that day.....
DE how are you liking your yak?


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