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Please use the "report to moderator"  link in each post to report spam posts to me.  Please don't post on these threads but notify me so I can remove the post and thread.  I will also remove the member if that is the only post the member has made.  If the member has made normal posts on the board then I will just remove the spam post and ask them not to make spam posts again.

If you have questions about whether a post is spam please discuss it with me before you post.  I am not referring to posts where members talk about fishing related products nor products that might be of interest to the other members.  A good restaurant near the lake or a special at Bass Pro are two examples of product posts that might be unrelated to fishing but still might be of interest to other members.   

Normally I read everything and remove inappropriate posts when they are made.  But I have been having health issues lately and have been unable to read the board every day.  Nothing major, just allergies and colds that have kept me unable to do much. 

So please report these posts and they will be highlighted each time I log in so I can take appropriate action on them.



Jerry T:
Ooops, I just posted on one of the threads.... I'll report those I see moving forward.

Isn't it only ONE person doing this, though?  Ban his IP maybe?

Thanks.  I cancelled the account and removed all the posts made by that spammer.  I had three members report this spammer, which I really appreciate.  It makes it so much easier to run a clean board when you have active members who help.

Based on ip addresses it is multiple individuals who try to spam the web site.

There are two problems with banning IP addresses.   The first is it doesn't work, as it is too easy to change your IP address with every post using several different services.

The second, and most important in my opinion, is that it isn't fair to the other users of that IP address to ban it due to the actions of one user.  ISPs and hosting companies often have 1000 or more people assigned to one IP address.    So when you ban an IP address you not only ban the bad person but you ban another 1000 or more people at the same time.

The only thing that is unique to each person is their email address if they use the one their ISP assigns them.  But most spammers use free email services such as gmail, yahoo, etc. for the email addresses that they use for spam.  Which is why some boards will not accept email addresses from a free email service.

I do use the various spammer databases for this board.  However I have it set to send any hits from the database to moderation for me to look at and decide whether that person can join the board.  The spammer databases list username, email address and IP addresses to identify potential spammers.

I usually send emails to those on the moderation list asking them to email me.  Most spammers never respond to emails for their email addresses so that eliminates most of them. 

The bottom line is that it is hard to keep every spammer out so all you can do is deleted the member account and remove the posts made on that account when one does get in.

Thanks for notifying me about the spammers now attacking this board.  I have been sick lately so I do not spend as much time on the board as I would wish.  So it is very helpful to receive the messages about spam when it shows up.

I really don't understand the mindset of the latest group of spammers.  They spend a lot of time making manual spam posts that don't stay up very long.  This last one spent 49 minutes to add 23 posts that no one would read so the goal can't be to get people to read their posts.  If the goal was to get the posts read they would not be one long paragraph of meaningless word groups.

The links in the posts are totally unrelated to fishing so it is obvious they don't understand Search Engine Optimization.   And even if the links had been relevant they don't stay up long enough to add anything to a search engine rating.

So all they do is waste their time in making the manual spam posts and irritate the legitimate users of the board enough so they would never click through on their links if that was their goal.

The worst place you can leave unrelated messages is in a board of active users.


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