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went out early before work this morning

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sure was fun .... :clap
we both used duck commander B n M ultralites and hit it out of the ss ghost minnow
and we spanked a bunch of panfish ...... :Thumbsup
bite was steady until we left about 10 am
got there about 7:30 am ....
same set ups as before red wigglers
and pink crappie nibbles on 1/32 jigheads ...
fixed floats about 18 to 36 inches deep
slinging the derringer I was .... :gunslinger

I'll bet it was fun....did ya keep a bunch this go round....prolly not since you'll have ta clean'um...LOL
Sure are some BIG gills in that pond.....

the capt kept em today ....about half what we ketched maybe ....
sure was some serious fun brother you know that really big gills can drag a john boat with 2 men in it ?
ask him next time ya see him oh MAN can the big ones pull .... :clap

Jig Man:
It's a good thing them gills don't get as big as blue fin tuna. Or we would need a way biger boat. Looks like a speck er two in there too...

there was few small black crappie and one white crappie that wanted to play yesterday  :clap
some of the blacks were still in pretty shallow as well ....


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