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missed em again ....

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but there was a bunch hangin roun that was in the smaller male category shallow  .....
water was up bigtime and it was over full and quickly went down to just full .....
like over night quickly ....

Jig Man:
me too, but I found um deeper...

AND the butterflies were on fire there as well ......hahaha LOL

Hey, you had fun, even if the slabs were not cooperating this time.   :clap

Arlington Lake is back to normal again but Joe Pool is still rising.  Sure hope they open the gates soon.

I woke up with a stomach virus Friday morning, which caused me to miss the good weather fishing over the weekend.  But I got in an hour or so fishing this morning.  Just caught dinks but it was still fun. 

I am planning on trying again Wednesday if the weather predictions work out.

yeah EZ I do enjoy ketchn fish and helpin others do the same .....
big fish are kewl but so are the wanna be versions as well 
a bite is bite to me ..... :clap


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