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some afternoon sun and fun ......


went jiggin for bream yesterday in a private lake is a first ....i had a big bull bream take to the AIR on the hookset !
he turned a really big cart wheel in the air when i set the hook so fast and took off for open water pulling drag that i wasnt even sure it was a bream ! i thought it was a bass .....
what a brute of a fish , he dogged it down and pulled like a big ole hybrid i tell ya was that some cool stuff ...
wish i got that on film for yawl cool  :clap
and one small black crappie hit my jig 2 foot under the float in 12 foot of water by a laydown as well !
released em all ....managed about 30 in 2 hours ...hit 4 different locations found fish at all of them

Men those are some whopper bream for sure.....that one in the third picher looks like he's got some chilid (sc) mixed in him......
Those bream are great fighters when they get that size.....WTG Bro


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