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Got a new toy...


Jig Man:
... finally took the leap to the next step, pouring my own jig heads. Lost my source for spinner jigs, so I found a mould to make my own...

Looks like you're gonna have some fun...... :Thumbsup

Jerry T:
Yay for you!  That is going to be awesome to own.   Congrats, sir!

that there is a mold for a terminator .....artificial intelligence at its finest .....

Jig Man:
Hey thank ya'll for the comments. The thing about this mold is the hook sizes, #4 to 2/0 and being able to build four different jigs. 2 barbed one with and one without  a spinner and 2 no barb, one with and one without spinner. That is a lotta bang for your buck. gonna prolly get a 1/16 oz some day..... soon!


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