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I currently have a Humminbird 581 HD DI on the TM and I am thinking of upgrading to a Helix 9 . Question - Is it worth the $$$ having Side Scan on the TM? I would think with turning the TM it would hard to get a good scan.


Bush Hog:
What's in the console? How about putting the Helix in the console?  I run Lowrance units and I have DI and SS on the bow unit but they get their info from the back transducer.  I don't use the SS at the bow very often.  Mostly run 2D and map.  I don't know what it would do to the picture when you turned the tm one way or the other.

Jig Man:
I don't have side scan on the TM, Down image is invaluable... Back in the day you could watch srtipers take a bait on the X15A. Now I can watch a crappie take a 1/16oz jig at twenty ft. Can't wait until I can afford 3D...

999 ci HD si on the console


Metal cutter, you are right. I had a side scan on the trolling motor and never used it to get side scans because when you turn the TM, it just gets wierd. I now have a Helix 9 DI only on the trolling motor. If I want to get a side scan of a new area, I use the 898 DI/SI on my console.


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