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a pretty nice photo my bud took maybe  ......?
i slung the guns and out they came .... :gunslinger

Jig Man:
Nice one ketch... It is said some of them is good eatin.

Bush Hog:
They are a pretty fish.  I've never ate a fresh caught one but the wife brought some home from the grocery store and after trying to eat one I don't care for anymore. :TskTsk

Very nice pic Ketchn.....
I ain't aahh tilapia man either, crappie is what's fer dinner.....

they are some kinda to NASTY clean .....they have a green/yella juice that squirts out of them when you gut them . and YES you must gut them BEFORE they leave the lake and BEFORE you fillet them as well ....otherwise that there green/yella juice taints the meat ...then to top it off they got a black cavity lining on the inside as well ....
didn't keep none for me anyway though kuz the other half said ...
DO NOT bring home any nuclear fish please .... :ROFLMAO :hammer :LOL


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