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June 1, 2016 Report


Well, the Corps is at it again.   The last couple of weeks they had been letting water out of Joe Pool Lake and it was almost back to conservation pool level. 

Then they turned the outlet flow to just a trickle again and Joe Pool Lake is raising again.   Monday it was 1.7 feet in flood stage.   Today it is 2.7 feet and raising by the hour, with more rain predicted over the next several days.

Lynn Creek Marina now has water in the slip parking lot up to the first entrance.   Joe Pool Marina ramp is now almost 3 feet above the dock walkway, which is a drop for anybody trying to get to their slips.   It is now at the edge of the sidewalk leading to the walkway and will soon cover the walkway again.

I know the excuses that the Corps uses to justify their actions.   I just don't see why they didn't draw Joe Pool down further when they had the opportunity to do so instead of playing around with a small daily drop.  Had they dropped the lake a foot or two below conservation level these rains would not be causing a problem now. 

Our lake Wright Patman has been 25+feet above flood plane most everything flooded for at least 5 months. Has been that way for the past 3 springs at spawn. It could always be worse. The positive side is whenever we do get to fish we should be setting records.

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It's now 4.1 feet in flood level.   I wouldn't mind it but it prevents access to Joe Pool Marina for my wife.   This is our favorite of the two marinas on the lake.

Monday is suppose to be nice, no rain and light wind.   If so I plan on taking our pontoon out to do some fishing.  She can't take much wind action with her bad back.   


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