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June 6, 2016 Report


We had a fun day at Joe Pool Marina today.  Took the pontoon across the lake from Lynn Creek Marina, water was fairly smooth both ways.

Arrived there a little after 12:00 noon.  Bought 3 dz minnows from Lynn Creek for my wife, I had all my jigs with me this time but ended up just fishing the grape limeade.  Am going to need to order some more of them as I'm down to my last one now since I lost one today.

It was a great day for fishing.  There was just enough breeze blowing to make the weather nice all afternoon and the fish were biting.  My wife went through the entire three dozen minnows, which doesn't happen every much anymore.   She caught crappie, bass and bull bluegill today. 

The quantity was there but not the size.  She only caught one that was a keeper and it was only 10.5 inches.   We give that to another slip holder who arrived as we were leaving.  He had to wade over a foot of water to get to the dock from the parking lot.  All her crappie ranged from 6" to 9" in size, except for the one crappie.  The bass ranged from 8"-12" in size.  The bluegill were nice in size, most of them were hand sized or better.   She had better luck than I did today.

As I said I only fished the grape limeade today.  I caught a ton of ketchn specials (3"-5" in size) with it so I had a lot of fun even through I had to listen to my wife rag me about catching bigger fish than me.  :)  I also caught a lot of the small bass today but none of the bull bluegill my wife was catching.

I have never caught so many small crappie in my wife as I caught today.  It appears our slip has become a crappie nursery.   I hope they stick around as the add to their size.

My new slip neighbor told me this afternoon that he runs his electric generator most nights for 4-6 hours after dark.  He said he has a mercury vapor green underwater light that he turns on while the generator is running.   He hopes to attract white bass but isn't having much luck with the white bass so far.  But I would suspect that he is creating a lot of algae with the light which is attracting a lot of bait fish which is attracting the small crappie and bass to my slip.

As I said I certainly hope it stays this way.

The water today was 79 degrees.   With the current flood level my slip is around 26' deep.   The bass are layered above the crappie so they jig or minnow falls through them on each cast.  Which is why we both caught a lot of bass today.   The crappie were five cranks above the bottom with my reed, which means they were around 8' off the bottom today.   The bass were probably around 10'-12' off the bottom.

I did catch (if catch is the right word) one large fish today.  But sadly I did not land it so I don't know for sure what it was but from the way it ran I suspect a large bass.  You do see large bass swimming in the slips at Joe Pool Marina from time to time.   This fish bent my rod double when it struck, then it took off straight out the rear of my slip.  I don't keep the drag real tight since I only use 6' test on our rods.  Needless to say this fish did not stop but stripped all the line from my reel.  Then it was gone, just leaving me a hundred or so yards of line to reel back in.   I can't say whether the fish snapped my line or whether the jig came untied.  But the end of the line did not look as if it had been tied.

Since my wife was out of minnows and I needed to change the line on that reel we called it a day and returned the pontoon to Lynn Creek Marina.  It was after 4 PM so we could not have stayed much longer anyway/

Hope everybody else who was able to fish today had as much fun as my wife and I had.   The size of the fish didn't matter, it was just fun catching a bunch of them again.  :)

So if you are fishing around Joe Pool Marina and catch a large fish with a grape limeade jig in it's mouth, please tell me what kind of fish it was and return my jig to me.  :)

Excellent write up & from the sound of it y'all were very busy the shirt time y'all were out.....
It'll get better soon & y'all will be landing slab keepers.....

One of the other slip holders said that the bigger crappie were only biting at dawn and dusk.   He has started coming to the slip at 4 P.M and going home at dark.  He said he tried the dawn gig one time and decided he didn't care for catching crappie that much.  :)

We will be fishing later at night once they get the electricity back at the marina.   I don't care for trying to park the pontoon at Lynn Creek Marina after dark.   I only have about six inches on either side at that slip and the aisles between the docks are not too wide there.  So it's better to be back there before dark.

Once they get the walkway fixed a Joe Pool Marina I will be moving my pontoon back to Joe Pool Marina.   The slip is bigger there and the aisle is twice as wide as the ones at Lynn Creek Marina.

We hit our slip at Joe Pool Marina for a few hours yesterday.  Still catching the 3"-8" crappie there.  I sure hope they stick around when they grow some.  If they do that slip is going to be a honey hole for sure.

The bite is very light.  You have to watch your line for movement to be sure you have one of them on.

Oh well, the bass were not active yesterday.  So every thing caught was a crappie, even if they were small.

Jig Man:
Glad you were able to go fish with your bride. That is a bunch better than the last reports... :Thumbsup


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