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June 20, 2016 Report


The Corps has finally started releasing water again from Joe Pool Lake.  They have released about 3" of water each day for the last three days.  If they continue at the 3" per day rate it will take almost three weeks to get the lake down to conservation pool level.   I guess some is better than nothing but it would be nice if they picked up the pace to at least 6" each day.

Joe Pool Marina continues to inch along to restoring marina operation.   They have cleaned up most of the mess at their parking lot and have finally started to pull wire through the marina so they can restore electrical service to the marina.  The manager stated it should be restored in about a week but he has been saying that for the last month or more.  So who knows.

I've heard through the grapevine that the Park Service has finally started putting pressure on the marina owner to get the marina operational.  Don't know if it's true or not but if if is I wonder why they have waited so long to do so. 

I've talked with some of the slip holders at Lynn Creek Marina who fish their slips just about every day.   They all say that crappie fishing at Lynn Creek Marina has slowed down, with most of the ones caught being dinks.  But they say cat fishing is good there if you like to fish for cat fish. 

I'm still being told that the best time to fish Joe Pool Marina slips is early morning and just about dusk each day.   A lot of small ones are being caught but some nice keepers are also being caught as well.  I'm told that white bass are no longer around the marina in any numbers.   One slip holder who used to catch and release between 50-100 every weekend last year said he was lucky to catch 20 white bass on a weekend now.

I suspect part of that is the lack of lights at the marina right now.  Once electricity is restores I am sure a few of the remaining slip holders will turn on their underwater mercury vapor underwater lights and the white bass will return.

It's currently too hot for us to take the pontoon out now.  I'm looking forward to electricity being restored to Joe Pool Marina so we can start fishing the slip late in the day again.

Guess they're waiting on the next rain to put that lake out of it's banks again.....
Wonder why they're putting pressure on the owner? Behind on greasing pockets maybe???

They lower the water level down to 1' above flood level, then closed the gates again.   I hope we don't get more rain to raise the lake level higher than 1'.

At 1' you can get from the parking lot to the docks.  Above 1' it becomes impossible in a wheel chair.


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