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LAKE record alert ....for real yawl ....


my bud did a follow up with his 4 year old daughter at the lake thursday in a spot i whacked them at the day before  ....
they started whacking them first drop .....mostly lil ones till close to the end and his lil girl was putting it on them . .....Next thing you know up comes a WHALE ! She set the NEW junior lake record for a white crappie in the ketch and release program ....14 plus incher ....... :clap
NOW just how kewl is that ......WOOOOHOOOO  :BananaDance :Thumbsup

Jig Man:
Thats way cool...

Four years old?    :clap :clap :clap

And to think I was proud of how well my six year old grandson could cast and catch fish.   

It's great when the kids love to fish.  Wish I had done better that way myself.  Only one of our three children enjoyed fishing but four of our seven grandsons love to fish.  Might end up being five since one is only one year old right now. 

Kewl...... :congrat to her....


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