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Joe Pool July 31, 2016 Report


Yes, I know this is late but it has been a busy week for me.

Anyway I took the pontoon from Lynn Creek Marina to Joe Pool Marina to run the boat and check on things at Joe Pool Marina.  I passed what looked like a village of boats on the south side of the lake as I crossed the lake.  Boats were anchored within casting distance of each other all were busy casting as I passed.  I thought maybe I had found a new crappie hot spot but after asking I found it was a white bass hot spot during the summer months.

I was told that the white bass were layered in that section of the lake and the action was fast all summer long.  Since I don't chase white bass I continued on my journey across the lake.

I talked with slip holders at both marinas.  They all stated that fishing was good at the slips during early morning and just before dusk, with the morning fishing being better.  The crappie were found under the docks, in the shade, not in the open water of the slips.  Those doing best had holes cut into the slip deck, which they would open to fish.  Next best was the back edges of the slips.

They were catching all species of fish during these periods.

Joe Pool Marina did not open this week as expected.  They failed the Corps inspection of the marina.  The inspector told them that since they had changed the configuration of the marina they had to meet the codes for new construction instead of existing  codes for repairs of structures.  Which is a bunch of nonsense, since they did not build new docks but repaired the existing docks. 

They did change the marina configuration, aligning the docks parallel to the shore instead of perpendicular to the shore. 

The Park Service decided to conduct an unannounced safety inspection at the same time the Corps conducted the building inspection, which the marina also failed for the same reason, codes for new marinas being more strict than the codes for older marinas.

For example, under the old code the support for electrical cables had to be ten foot apart.  Under the new construction rules the support must be eight foot apart so they are making the marina build new cable supports for all the docks.

Under safety the Park stated all walkways on the water had to have safety rails on both sides of the walkways.  They stated this was a Federal requirement.  However Lynn Creek Marina had their annual Corps inspection a few months back and nothing was said to them about the lack of safety rails on their walkways.

Joe Pool Marina had planned on reopening in three stages, first the docks and slips, second the store and bait shop and finally the fishing barge.  They were told they could not open in stages, that everything must be repaired before they will be allowed to reopen.

So it will be at least another month before they reopen and probably will be even longer than that. 

Bush Hog:
Good grief  :BrickWall

Sound like they shouldn't have tried changing the configuration especially without asking the tenants for their input & yes those new codes will need to be meet since they rearranged the locations of everything.....or at least that how it works for everything else.....

I doubt he has any tenants that would have agreed to moving all the docks around anyway....

It's not the tenants that are causing the problems, it's the Corps and Park Service.  They are teed at him for taking over 14 months to get the marina operational again. 

I personally don't know about how code enforcement works.  But one of the tenants there claims to be in charge of code enforcement for a local city and stated he could not believe it when he heard this.  He stated that if the ownership stayed the same and the buildings are repaired, not replaced, then the old code should have been used, not the new codes.

But regardless, they have the power so it would take longer to fight them than do what they want.  And it would probably cost a lot more money to fight them over the issue.

But what it boils down to is another delay when we thought the marina would have electricity and be open this week.  :(

While many of the tenants don't like the new configuration all of them want this to be over, with access and electricity restored to the marina.


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