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Current Look Of Joe Pool Marina


I took some pictures of the marina when we drove there today.  I didn't fish as it was too hot for me wife.  But she was bored and wanted to visit the State Park so we drove through it and I stopped at the marina to take these pictures.  Yes, I finally got my camera working again.  And yes, the problem was operator error.  :(

This is the permanent layout of the marina.   As you can see the two story store has been torned down.  The building on the right of the walkway will be the new store when the marina opens.  The building on the left is the fishing barge and gas pump.

Have most of the tenants came back?
I'm gonna go check out the fishn barge on day once it's opened...
Do they allow renting the slip just to fish it or would you have to put a boat in it?

They can't say when it will open again.  They thought they were going to open August 1st but failed the Corps and Park Service inspection.  They are working on those issues.  I was told that most of the problems were minor.

The biggest problem appears to be finding a electrical company that will certified the work that was done by marina electricians.  The Corps wants an independent certification, from what I've been told.

Right now a lot of A Dock and B Dock have boats in them but there are still some vacancies in both docks.  But I don't think most slip holders are paying any rent for their slips right now.  C Dock and D Dock is mostly empty.

Yes, they will rent a slip just to fish from, no boat.  So will Lynn Creek Marina.  Lynn Creek Marina currently has slips that way now but I don't think Joe Pool Marina does now.  But it did at one time.  One guy supposedly rented two slips and rented out annual fishing rights to them through that is against the marina rules.

Right now they can't legally lease a slip but I know of several who have boats there now without a lease.  They are not paying rent since they can't lease the spaces but will get a lease and start paying rent once the marina is open again.  Great deal for them, not so great for those who are paying rent now.  :(

Thanks for the info EZ....
I might try'n get a stall over there, I'll check their facility out after they are clear to open....


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