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Check your gas lines!
« on: November 27, 2016, 03:12:18 PM »
The guy in the slip next to me finally got his boat running after working on it for six months.   It purred setting at the slip.  The boat was not running when it bought it so he did a lot of work to get it running again.

He ran it for 16 hours over two days at the slip before he was ready to take a trial ride in it.  He took a friend with him who helped with some of the repair work.

He made it to the exit from the marina cove to the main lake before the boat burst into flames.  He said he used his fire extinguisher on it but the flames grew too large so both of them had to jump off the boat and swim back to the marina.   The fire department was called but all they could do was watch the boat burn.

One of the marina employees used a marina boat to create waves to keep the burning boat from drifting into the marina docks.  When the fire finally died down they pulled it to the back of the cove and fastened it to shore to allow the fire to die out.

A couple of days later the insurance company had the boat towed to shore and removed to a facility to determined what caused the fire.   It appears that one of the pressurized gas lines ruptured, spraying gasoline on to the engine which ignited the gas. 

He said he didn't replace the gas lines because they looked good.

He was lucky, neither one of them were hurt and he has insurance on the boat.   

So please check your gas lines and their connections on a regular basis.