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Site is being moved to another server

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I moving this site to another hosting account on a different server.  So the site might be down for a few days while this is in process.

Hopefully nothing will break during the process.  I have a backup of the site so hopefully it can be restored from that if this move breaks it.

So everybody, please hope for the best while this takes place.



Thanks for the heads up Ed.

Fingers crossed and standing by in case of (shortterm) site down

Jig Man:
Thanks for the heads up...

Will see you on the other side...

I apologize for the long time this has taken and the problems it has created.

I have been the caregiver for my wife since she had a failed back surgery over two years ago.  That put her in a wheelchair and unable to do much for herself.  Although I am disabled myself I have been able to take care of her with our daughter's help.  But this year has been different.

We have both been sick with bronchitis and the flu that kept coming back.  Then our daughter fractured her foot and was on clutches for a month, unable to help much.  As a result I have been physically and mentally exhausted and unable to do much of anything this year.

Last December I decided to change hosting accounts to save several hundred in hosting fees.  The change over was March 1st so I thought I had plenty of time to make the change over.  Unfortunately my wife ended up going to the hospital in January and twice in February and I did not get the change over done by the end of February. 

I thought that would still be ok as I expected to be dropped from hosting on March 1st and I would be able to set it up in the new hosting account a couple of days later.  However it was not dropped from the hosting account and still has not been dropped.  In one way that was good in that members could still post to the site.  But it was bad in that I could not get into the control panel to do anything with the domain.  Nor could I drop it from hosting.

I had a back up of the site so I tried to set it up in the new hosting account using a new domain name,  But I could not get the backup to work properly.  So I asked the hosting company if they could set it up for me in the new domain.  That all took a couple of weeks.

They were able to set it up but the forum part of the site did not work properly.  The front pages would display but the interior pages would not.  After trying for over a week to fix the problem and failing I asked for help from Simple Machine Forum Support.   It took them over a week but they were finally able to find and resolve the problem so everything functioned properly.

But the content was out of date.  It took me a couple of days more to manage a database sql download and get content up to date.  (yes, I know it shouldn't have taken that long.  But as I said, I have been mentally exhausted these past few months.)

But now everything is working on and is redirecting to   When is dropped from the old hosting account I will set it up in the new hosting account and set it back up.  Or maybe not, if is working ok.

I am finally feeling better and hope to be more active from this point on.  I am going to draw the winners for the last contest and get the new contest set up sometime today.

I appreciate everybody's patience during this period.


Hope things start turning around for you Ed.

Good to hear from you.


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