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Shallow water scooter


This boat is in Austin and I have been successfully fishing for Crappie on it for a year.  Bought a bigger boat and my agreement with my wife was for one boat at a time.  It is a super little ride and is rigged out.  Check out the pics and list of upgrades at

I reduced the price to my last offer of $5K.  I don't need a trade, another low ball offer, or an opportunity for consignment.  The boat is super.

Bush Hog:
I've never seen one of those...what a kewl little boat.  It would be just right for chasing shallow crappie right now.   Good luck with the sale.

That is a really KEWL looking boat.

I would be interested, but I already have a boat (my wife also says 1 boat at a time).
Good luck!


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