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They're back!


Bush Hog:
Don't know where the fish have been for the past couple months but they are back on the bridge pylons and brush piles.  Caught about 60 head this morning.  A lot of 9 1/2 in. fish but caught  some good legal fish too.  Set my line at 18 ft....pitch it out and let it swing back.  If they didn't hit it on the swing then let it sit about 30 seconds and twitch it.  If you missed the hook set then let it sink back down and they would thump it again.   Just gave them the sore mouth today as it was catch and release day.

Jig Man:
Your supposed to take the weekends off and fertilize things around the house... :roflmao1

That way us folks that are still workin can have a chance... :kaboom2

But I guess its ok... someone has ta do it... :cheers

Bush Hog:
Being a hot water lake, Martin Creek doesn't get too crowded during summer weekends.  It's supposed to rain here most of next week so I had to get my thump treatments in a little sooner.

 :congrat  WTG! 

As to why or where, maybe you just found the jig color combination they like.  Or they were tired of the diet and started eating again.  Or as my grandfather use to say, maybe you were just holding your mouth right this morning. :)

Anyway it sounds like you had a fun filled morning.  I envy you.   :clap

I release most of what I catch these days, only keeping three or four for a meal.  It's the catching that's fun for me now, not the cleaning.   >:D


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