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Bush Hog:
 Some pics while eating my burrito this morning.  Only one other boat on the lake this morning and just a few later in the day.  Beautiful day on the water.  Caught a ton of fish today but most were about 1/2 in. from being legal.  Finally found some good uns at the dam.  Been fishing this lake since the early 80's and have never caught any white bass until the last two outings.  Found the fish right on the bottom in water 14 to 20 ft. deep.  PePops electric chicken did a pretty good job today.

I love being out without a ton of boats trying to run you over.

Jig Man:
Best time of the year to be fishing.

The weather has been nice, with just enough breeze to keep you cool.  I don't understand why so few are fishing right now.

We have fished our slip just about every day over the last ten days or so.  We catch around 30 crappie each day, fishing around two hours each day.  Most are just under size but we generally managed to catch 2-3 each day that are legal.

I suspect part of our problem is another slip holder who fishes the whole dock every morning.  He says he catches 30-40 keepers every morning, many of which are 12" or larger.  He says he keeps 1/2 of them and leaves the other half in a basket for his slip partner, who picks them up later in the day.  Since he is catching so many keepers each morning he might be taking most of the larger crappie before we get there.

But it is nice that my wife is finally interested in fishing again so the dinks are fun to catch. 

Bush Hog:
Have to remember some fishermen tell fishing if he is catching that many by himself then he's breaking the law.  Yep, catching dinks is fun...they usually thump harder than the big uns and it's the anticipation of what's on the end of the line that's fun for me.  Glad ya'll are getting out and enjoying this cooler weather.  I hope we have a long fall and don't just jump into  winter.


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