the bank time is upon us


fish can be had off the bank yawl .....go get em  :clap

Or fishing barges if you don't have or can't use your boat.   My wife and I had loads of good times fishing the barge at Joe Pool Marina before I bought a boat again.  You not only have the fun of catching crappie but people to talk with who also love fishing for crappie.

Except we had one lady that fished every day who would tell us several times a day we were crazy for fishing for crappie.  She fished for bluegill and would fill up a basket every day.  She would remind us there were no limits on bluegills and they made excellent fish cakes.  she could only eat fish and chicken and said she hated the taste of chicken after the first year eating it every day.

She loved to harass us the times the crappie bite was slow but her basket was slowly filling up with bluegill.  :)  she was a fun person.

Crappies off the bank already!?!?! :clap :clap


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