Author Topic: Need names of members who have not won the first prize in our monthly contest.  (Read 314 times)

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SgtCrabby has notified me he has been lucky enough to win three of the last four contests.  This came as a surprise to me as I haven't been tracking it and my memory does not go that far back these days.

He wants to spread the good luck around some.  So he has asked me to award his prize to a member who has not won the first place prize before.

I was going to go through all the months and make a list of the winners.  Then compare that to the posters each month to determine who had been posting in this contest and had not won the first place prize.  But taking care of my wife has made this a difficult project for me to find the time to do.

So I decided to just post here in the forum and ask all members who have not won the first place prize to PM me, telling me they have not won the first place prize.

I will then set up a random number drawing from those members and award SgtCrabby prize to them.

So please PM me if you have not won so I can have you in this special drawing.  The cutoff date will be 11/15.  If you haven't PMed me by then you will lose your chance.

Thanks, SgtCrabby, for your generosity.