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January 2018 winning crappie jigs from Dutch

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Decided to start showing my contribution to the monthly contest with description for those who tie their own jigs.

All but one jig (pink black trues) is tied with "new age" chenille. I'll give the name of the chenille in each description. All tails are made from "craft fur" from Netcraft.

Top left, all brown, "Henry's Lake" chenille
Middle left, std black chenille
Bottom left, "neutron pink" chenille
Top right, "Silver black" chemille
Middle right, "New Wave" chenille
Bottom right, "Volcano" chemile

All these colors have been working in Lake Houston lately. These will be sent to Slabbed Silly tomorrow.

Jig Man:
Nice lookin jigs Dutch...

Ooohhh YEAH..... NICE

SK, I have your jigs in my tackle box. One day we will see each other on the water.

Well, guess what.   I went to package Slabbed Silly's jigs for mailing, looked up his PM with his address, and he had asked for 1/16th oz jigs.... and I tied 1/8th oz jigs. I'll re-tie the 1/16th ones identical in colors this afternoon and still get them into tomorrow's mail. I'll save these for another month's winner.


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