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small lake bass ketchn


dogged em we did right off the boat ramp before we launched the boat.....and I mean like stupid good  :gunslinger
around 60 or 70 of em in an hour or so between 2 of us  ..... :clap

Uuuuummmmm, ok.... bro it looks like you enjoyed that? Them ditch pickles are just in tha way.... :roflmao1 :Dance :kaboom2

Bush Hog:
I've caught more big bass while crappie fishing than I ever did as a bass fisherman.  They are fun to catch though (but so is any fish).

Yeah, they were in our slip at the old Joe Pool Marina.   Had to get through the jigs and minnows through the bass to get down to the crappie.  Wasn't unusual to catch fifty of them in an hour before we would thin them out enough to get down to the crappie.  They were fun to catch but most of them were in the 10-12 inch range.  I would toss them into a five gallon bucket with a hose running water into it.  When the bucket would get about half full I would take them to the end of the dock and dump them.  Didn't want to take the chance of them biting again.


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