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creek babies


ketched a bunch a lil creek babies yesterday , all about the same size ...kinda fun
mostly longears red breast and one bluegill ...all little ones 
18 inches under a float on a crazy angler mean minner head jig with a crappie nibble on it

Jig Man:
purdy fish, but they loose their color quick after they pass...

Ton of fun there!   I love to catch bream on a light weight rod and reel.  Crappie is for eating but bream is for fun with the right kind of tackle.

Don't get me wrong, I know a lot of folks that prefer eating bream over crappie and point out it is easier to catch bream to eat.  I just prefer to eat crappie over bream but bream definitely outperforms crappie on a light weight rig.   :clap


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