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they is back under the docks yawl


 :clap found a bunch in the rain at the courtesy dock by the store last Tuesday
all females in about 10 fow bighting VERY light  ... :clap

I'm finding them all up and down the water column at Lynn Creek Marina docks.   I catch them from 1 ' off the bottom all the way to a few inches from the top.  So right now I'm dropping it to the bottom and then slowly raising it to the top until I get a bite.  Then I stop at that level until they stop biting, when I continue the rise to the top.  When I hit the top I drop it to the bottom and start all over again.

been catching around 30 crappie each day from 12:30-4:30 pm.  not sure how long those hours will last as afternoons are not usually that good for me.  I have been told it is even better at night.  Don't know it is true or not but I am catching enough in the afternoons right now so I go in when it starts to get chilly.


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