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Lake Houston July 28th Single Man Single Pole Artificial Only Tourney Results


1st--LBG--7 Fish-7.05lbs--Big Fish-1.16lbs

2nd--Butz--7 Fish-6.90lbs--Big Fish-1.25lbs (Big Fish Winner)

3rd--Knotrite--7 Fish-6.72lbs--Big Fish-1.19lbs

4th--SkinnyKenny--7 Fish-6.59lbs--Big Fish-1.08lbs

5th--SK--7 Fish-6.06lbs--Big Fish-1.03lbs

6th--Ken Walters--7 Fish-5.95lbs--Big Fish-1.16lbs

7th--Craphac--5 Fish--4.00lbs--Big Fish-0.92lbs

Congrats to all that got out to participate and do what we all love to do and a BIG CONGRATS to LBG on the Win and Butz on the Big fish.
Fisher people let me say with this heat we all need to stay hydrated, we had two contestants today that had issues and I was one of them. It don't feel good being over heated and no place to cool off.... We/I need to start drinking plenty of fluids the night before and continue throughout the day while we're in this extreme heat....

Again from what was discussed at the weigh-in the fish are still all over the place with no solid pattern, fish are caught in several depths and on several different colors.
Thanks to all that participated and it was cool chatting/ meeting Joey....

Hey ya'll LBG say he got this next tourney wrapped up and we better bring our A game.....  :mrgreen: WTG LBG

Jig Man:
Yep. plenty warm out there... stay safe, heat exhaustion is why an't take the heat no mo.


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