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Finally spent some time fishing again, at the slips

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but I'm ashamed to admit I was skunked just about every day.

On the 5th I caught a 12" and a hand full of dinks.  On the 6th I caught an 11" and a few dinks.  I was skunked every day since then.

Some of the slip regulars told me the bite was slow but you could catch them between 7:30 and 10:00 so I made a tremendous effort to be there before 7:30 the past week.  For my efforts I was skunked every single day, not even a bite.  Water was around 48 degrees, which I guess was too cold for them to be in the docks.

They also told me they were only biting on minnows but I was determined to catch them with jigs.

I worked on the pontoon and have it cleaned up and running so I can start using it again.  As I said before, there is always an open seat if anybody wants to go fishing on Joe Pool.  (weather permitting, I hate cold and windy days on lake since I have become a grumpy old man. )  Just call me a day or so in advance and we will set it up.

Jig Man:
Hang in there Ed and they will show up soon... And hopefully I will be able to take you up on your offer, it would be awesome.

Had to babysit my grandsons this morning so I wasn't able to get to the slip until 1 PM.   First thing I was told was "you should have been here this morning. They were biting good from 7:30 till 10:00.  And no dinks, they were running between 11"-13".  Since 10:00 the bite has been real slow and they are all dinks."

So I fished for a couple of hours and didn't get a bite, let along catch a crappie.  So I spent the next few hours and placed six rod holders across the front of the pontoon so I can try spider rigging.  Finally the cold wind got to me so left for home at 5:30.  And will probably be told tomorrow that I should have stayed, as the action really turned on at 6 PM.

Why is it that my timing is always so bad?   I'm always being told, you should have been here yesterday, or you should have been here this morning or some other time when I'm not there to fish?

And I'm to bet that when I arrived there at 7:00 tomorrow I will not catch anything, or if I do they will be dinks.  And somebody will tell me I should have been there yesterday or last night, when the bite was fantastic.  :)

I made sure I arrived at the slip early this morning.  I dropped my first line into the water at 7:20 and immediately hooked a crappie.

It measured out 12 1/4 " so I thought to myself, wahoo, I'm going to really slam them today with this great a start.

You probably guessed it, I did not catch a single crappie after this first one.  I didn't even get any hits. 

Since the wind was blowing hard I went back home at 10:30.

Tomorrow is another day.   :BananaDance

Bush Hog:
I'm always leery when my first fish of the day is a big ol' slab. :roflmao1  Now that your pontoon is running you can go out and find them (weather permitting).


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