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Why does it always Happen?


I did not go to the slips Thursday as I was feeling the weather.,  Went out this morning, arrived at 10:00.  First thing everybody said was "It's slow today, have only caught a few crappie all morning"

The second thing they all said was "Where were you yesterday.  Everybody was catching limits and leaving early. Even those who normally don't catch many were catching limits."

Why is it that when I miss a day everybody is catching limits and when I show up the fishing is slow?  Am I jinxed or what? :BrickWall

Jig Man:
Your in good company Ed...

Bush Hog:
I go to Hackberry Rod and Gun (Lousiana) to catch redfish and that's their slogan: "You Should Have Been Here Yesterday".

and or they were really on fire about 3 hours ago .. :ROFLMAO


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