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WATCH out !


I was playing fetch with my little rat terrier in the dark the other night . She just cant wait to play fetch and never gets tired of it no matter how many times you throw it . She will return it evey time and be ready to do it again until you get tired .
So we are playing a bit and she went on a run way out in the back yard by the creek and to my surprise a HUGE owl made a quick pass on her ! I cant remember ever seeing a larger owl and it flew up on a tree across the fence and watched us a bit . I got a couple of not so good photos before it left and it for sure didn't like when I turned on the flash on the phone .
I am pretty sure it was large enough to carry off my dog as she is only 13 lbs so watch out

Jig Man:
I know, the same thing happened several years ago around my place. And then all of  sudden, I didn't worry about it anymore. :fish

A bad ending either way.  Barn owls are great as I dislike mice and rats.  But when they are big enough to carry away a small dog or cat they become a problem.

Well, maybe not cats so much, since I am not a cat person.

I imagine it was a great horned owl or maybe possibly a extra large Texas barred owl , but to be sure it was a trophy size one

Bush Hog:
I saw a small hawk fly off with one of my hens and the hen was twice as big as the hawk.....bad to the bone :gunslinger


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