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My toy is here!

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The finder portion of my Garmin Live Scope System arrived at noon today.  I immediately installed it in a small plastic tool case from Homer's.  Since I already had the transducer part of the system installed on a mobile pole made from pvc pipe I am ready to test it out. 

I've watched so many videos on YouTube about it that I can't wait to test it out!

But once again, wait I must.  I have a doctor's appointment in the morning and must attend a school play that my grandson is in Thursday night.  So I doubt I will have any time to test it on Tuesday. (He's not too happy about the play.  He told the teacher he did not want to be in it as he did not want to be on the stage.  She asked him if he would be a stagehand for the play and he agreed, thinking he would just be moving things around during the play.. On the first day of the practice the teacher told the stagehands they would be extras in all of the scenes.  So he has to be on the stage more that he would have, had he accepted a part in the play.  He says the teacher tricked him and he is very unhappy with that teacher.  So of course I must be there to see him on the stage.  >:D )

I have other doctor's appointments on Thursday morning and Friday afternoon.  So those two days will probably end up shot as well.

So my only chance to test it will be Wednesday unless something happens to prevent it.  And the way my luck has been running in regards to fishing this month I am fearful something will come up that prevents me from  fishing Wednesday.   :(

Jig Man:
Lookin forward to seeing how it works out for you...

Bush Hog:
Did you get to try it out yesterday?

Did you get out in the cold to try it out?

Sadly I have not.  Came down with a pesky cough and fever that has kept me home and in the bed the last three days.

All I need to do is hook up the power supply to check it out but just haven't felt like doing even that.

I have another doctor appointment this morning, am going to try to go to the lake after the appointment and at least power it up and see how it looks.


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