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Is anybody fishing Fork?  I fished there years ago and caught limits of crappie every trip.  We also caught a cooler full of large bluegill each trip for a neighbor who preferred bluegill over all other fish.

So I am interested in hearing about recent experiences fishing Fork.

 Fork has been slow the last few months.  We fished Sunday, did not find any on the trees or at the bridge.  We finally found some in the creeks toward the end of the day.

So we ended up having a good day but the action was late.  We would have caught even more but the cold front came in, shutting down the bite.

But it looks as if they are starting to move up into the creeks so i would start there.

I haven't fished Fork for years so I can't help you much.

I fished the long bridge at one end of the lake and the timber at the other end when I fished it years ago.  But I suspect everything has changed since then.

I don't fish Fork myself but I have a friend who lives near the lake.  He says that crappie fishing has been slow there for several years now. 

I've always wanted to fish Fork but have not wanted to make the drive.  Let us know how you do.


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