Where do you keep minnows on your boat?

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I wonder where most people keep their minnows on their boat, assuming they use minnows.

I want to keep them in the stern live well but my fishing partner wants to keep them in a minnow bucket near his seat up front when fishing.

I believe the live well is better since the minnows are not subject to the shock of the bucket being pulled into the boat and replaced back into the lake on a constant basis.  Plus the minnows are in the bucket in the boat when we are moving so they don't have as much water to be in where the water level in the live well is constant and constantly being renewed.

He doesn't believe that makes any difference and wants to keep the minnows handy when he fishes.

So he keeps some minnows in his minnow bucket while the majority of them are kept in the stern live well.

And yes, I know many use jigs instead of live bait but we both prefer live bait.

I use jigs, lures, minnows, whatever the crappie want. :)

I use my live well as it is convenient to use.  However when I am underway the pump must be turned off until I arrive at the next fishing spot.  So I don't see where it makes a difference in using a minnow bucket and a live well other than space saved on a boat.

So if space is tight then try to convince him to use the live well, explaining space is tight.  If space is not a problem then leave him alone.  You might end up losing a fishing buddy if you don't.  :)

I'm a jig user, so I don't have this problem. :)

If I did use minnows I would keep them in the live well.  But if it was my fishing buddy I would allow him to keep his minnow bucket if it made him happy.  :)

Unless he was catching more crappie than me.  Then I would move him to the back of the boat and make him use the live well.  :D

My better half keeps her minnows in a minnow bucket.  She doesn't want to keep moving back and forth when she replaces her minnows.

I fish with jigs so I don't have that problem.  When I point that out to her she sticks her tongue out at me and says "I catch more fish.  When you start catching more than me I will think about jigs."

I hate it when she is right.  >:(  But I will keep using my jigs as I find them more fun to fish.  :)

I have never thought about it.  I generally buy a dozen in case the crappie will not hit jigs but I seldom use them.  My fishing partner uses them on one rod.

We keep them in the front live well, near where he fishes.  But if he wanted to keep them in a bucket I would not care, as long as he kept the bucket on his side of the boat.  The cooler stays on my side. :)


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