Where do you keep minnows on your boat?

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We keep our minnows in a minnow bucket.  We keep the two live wells for the fish we catch.

It is not that hard to keep the minnows in the water while we fish and to move the bucket into the boat when we change locations.

We keep minnows between fishing trips in the minnow bucket in the water by the slip.  We do not have any problems with minnows dying so moving them from water to boat to water does not seem to impact them.

We have been friends too many years for me to refuse to allow him the use of his minnow bucket.  But I will continue to rib him about being lazy, not wanting to go to the live well each time to get minnows.

And he will continue to rib me about being too lazy to pull the minnow bucket out of the water each time I need a minnow.

We have fished together for years and understand each other. :)

My boat is an old jon boat.  It doesn't have live wells.  So I keep my minnows in a minnow bucket and my crappie in an ice chest.

I use jigs most of the time but I always take a dozen minnows with me in case the crappies are not hitting the jigs.

I use jigs so there are seldom any minnows in my boat.  But if my partner wanted to bring minnows he would need to keep them in his minnow bucket.

steve chambers:
We fish aluminum jon boat we put minnows in a 5 gallon bucket with a aerator in bucket the bubbles brand the minnows will last all night or till we run out. Any minnows left will stay in bucket with aerator on in a cool place.


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