Tube fishing

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I hope to see more tube fishers here.  It is fun being close to the water and fishing, which is what a tube makes possible.

If you are undecided, remember tubes are inexpensive to buy and helps you get exercise as you fish for crappie.  ;D

I've never tried tube fishing but have seen several people doing it.  Looked like fun, I may tried it one day. 

I have a friend who tube fishes.  He keeps trying to get me to do it.  But I own a boat and don't see the point in buying a tube as well.

I will try and get him to join the board.  He says he's too busy to spend time on a computer but I tell him he loves to talk about tubing and this would let him talk. ;)

I use a tube on some of the smaller lakes and ponds I fish.  I use my boat on the larger lakes where I fish a lot of different locations.

Tubes are fun to use but they are limited in the amount of area you can cover during a day.

So both tubes and boats have their place in my fishing.

I have never used a tube.  I see people doing it but I like to be able to fish a lot of different places during a day.  A tube would be hard to fish different locations fast.

So tube fishing doesn't fit my personality. :)


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