Tube fishing

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My partner and I are too old for tube fishing.  So we will continue to use our boat as long as we can launch it.

But I will agree that tube fishers can get into places with their tubes that we can not reach with our boats. :)

I've never used a tube but I have used a small one man pontoon that you paddled with your legs. 

Basically the same thing but I keep my legs out of the water.  :)

I also have a boat that I use much of the time.  But a tube is easy to keep in the car and allows you to reach places that are more difficult to fish from a boat.

Plus a tube gets you close to the water, which gives you more of an appreciation for fishing than when riding in a boat.  JMHO.  ;)

I bought my Teton float tube feb this year, but have not used yet. I plan to use this Wednesday 8/19 at Taylor Park at Lake Granger. There will be a few purposes for this use. One is my wife bank fishes and will be a spotter for depth and fish with a portable fish finder. I also will be fishing for cats and/or Carp.

no tube but I use a 2 man to do all my fishing


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